Becoming Donna Reed

Lessons on life and love from the 20th century’s greatest domestic goddess

Donna Reed Style Note- Mary’s Campaign

Donna disapproved of Mary’s sophisticated outfit in this episode, and it is a bit much for high school. For the office however, nothing is more professional and perfect than a pencil skirt and the right top. This is a modern take on Mary’s ensemble perfect for the modern career woman. It is a striking combination […]

Season 1: Episode 26 – Mary’s Campaign

| You've got to be who you are.

Donna Reed Style Note – The Ideal Wife

Donna began the episode by hosting a dinner party. It’s November and most of my creative energy is focused on the most festive of dinner parties, Thanksgiving. I am hosting family and some friends in my small SF apartment this year. It’s a challenge, but one I am excited about. I am fortunate that I […]

Season 1: Episode 25 – The Ideal Wife

| Never never, never always; always sometimes.

Season 1: Episode 24 – Boys Will Be Boys

| Neither a squealer nor a liar be. Who cares about lessons, let's talk Halloween!

Donna Reed Style Note –The Report Card

Donna began this episode in the kitchen. Flitting back and forth between counter and stove. I must say, the layout of her kitchen leaves a lot to be desired by today’s standards, but it is super cozy. I have always been a sucker for the cheery pops of color you find in a traditional 1950s […]

Season 1: Episode 23 – The Report Card

| Success is not a grade on a report card.

Season 1: Episode 22 – Love Thy Neighbor

Synopsis Donna and Alex are getting ready to go out for the evening. Donna, of course, looks stunning in a printed cocktail dress. She asks Alex how she looks and he tells her she looks good without even looking. She calls him on this. They discuss the evening ahead of them. They have been invited […]

Donna Reed Style Note – Donna Plays Cupid

I love a romantic dinner at home. Of course, going out to a nice restaurant is always a lovely treat, but, when it comes to pure romance, nothing can beat a gourmet feast prepared and consumed in the comfort of your own home. Donna created a lovely romantic dinner to enhance her matchmaking escapades. However, […]

Season 1: Episode 21 – Donna Plays Cupid

| Cupid had to carry arrows; matchmaking is dangerous.