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Donna Reed Style Note- Mary’s Campaign

8 Nov


Donna disapproved of Mary’s sophisticated outfit in this episode, and it is a bit much for high school. For the office however, nothing is more professional and perfect than a pencil skirt and the right top.

This is a modern take on Mary’s ensemble perfect for the modern career woman. It is a striking combination of elegance and edge. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself strutting down the sidewalk like it’s your personal runway.

Shown Here:

Skirt – BCBG – $278.00

Top – Anthropologie – $88.00

Earrings – Tiffany & Co -$3,300.00

Bracelet – J. Crew – $70.00

Bag – Zappos – $302.00

Shoes – Piperlime – $189.00

Season 1: Episode 26 – Mary’s Campaign

6 Nov

Screen shot 2010-11-05 at 11.12.20 AM


Jeff runs into the living room clutching cookies. Donna is right behind him to snatch them back. He complains that he is hungry. It seems he is always hungry. Mary enters all aflutter. She announces she is running for class vice president. She requests that the entire family be on their best behavior.

She asks that Cathy, a popular girl from school, come to dinner. Cathy is running her campaign. She asks the whole family to clean up and dress up. Cathy comes over and they strategize over dinner. She goes on about Betsy, Mary’s opponent. Apparently Betsy is well liked and very smart. Cathy tells Mary that if they are going to win she has to emphasize what she has that Betsy doesn’t, namely her looks. This makes Donna uncomfortable.

After dinner Cathy and Mary go upstairs for more strategic planning. As she leaves, Cathy instructs Mary on what to wear and who to talk to tomorrow. It is clear who is in charge.

The next day Donna has a PTA meeting at the school. She runs into Betsy and wishes her luck on the campaign. Betsy confesses that she knows Mary will win because she is so much prettier and more popular. Donna tells her that she thinks the best woman will win.

Donna arrives home as Cathy is leaving. She tells Donna she has to go begin Mary’s telephone campaign. Donna goes in to see Mary, whose hair and dress is in a much more sophisticated style than normal. Donna asks Mary about this and Mary tells her she has to do what Cathy says to win. Donna feels Mary is sacrificing too much of herself to win.

Donna goes to Alex. She wants to forbid Mary from continuing the campaign. Alex tells her that Mary needs to make her own mistakes so she can learn from them.

The next morning, the day of the election, Donna tries to avoid Mary, but Mary seeks her out. Mary is dressed in her sophisticated clothes with her hair done up. She does not look like herself.Mary is looking for encouragement. Donna tells her she wants her to win, but only if she wins by being herself. She tells her she is getting older and needs to decide things for herself.

Cathy comes by and tries to get Mary to agree to some last-minute deals and empty promise. Mary is starting to get tired of being bossed around and compromising her values.

Donna drops by the school to listen to the speeches. When Mary takes the podium she is in her normal clothes with her hair the normal way. She makes a short and sincere speech about choosing the best candidate. Donna is so proud.

Mary comes home defeated. She is very down on herself. Donna and Alex tell her how proud they are and emphasize the lesson she learned. She feels better. Jeff asks if they can go eat.


Donna Reed Style Note – The Ideal Wife

3 Nov

thanksgiving table

Donna began the episode by hosting a dinner party. It’s November and most of my creative energy is focused on the most festive of dinner parties, Thanksgiving.

I am hosting family and some friends in my small SF apartment this year. It’s a challenge, but one I am excited about. I am fortunate that I have a well-appointed kitchen here. Actually, it was why we chose this apartment. However, the living room is small. This is where I plan to serve the meal as we don’t have a dining room.

This is my living room on a normal day. I took this when we first moved in; there is now art on the walls and curtains.

Our coffee table is by Calligaris and it lifts up, flips around, and converts to a dining table for six. It is the Transformer of tables. It rules. We have matching chairs that fold away when we don’t need them.

My current plan is to slide the chaise sofa towards the widow and create a little sitting area. This will leave more room for the dining area. I will clean of the “bar” and use it as a buffet spot, probably the desk too.

I also need a new tablecloth and linens. I have my plates from our wedding registry. I’ve had them for 12 years and they were a brilliant choice. White plates always look clean and crisp; mine are from Crate and Barrel.

Using what I already have and adding a new tablecloth, napkins, and flowers will give me something like this.

I love grays. They make a nice backdrop for pops of color. I already accent this room with purples so I think the purple and orange flower arrangement does a nice job combining tradition and style.

Shown Here

Already Have:

Rug – Ikea – $19.99

Table – Calligaris available at ModernEssentials – $149 each

Chairs – Calligaris available at ModernEssentials – $1069.00

Plates – Crate and Barrel – $124.95 service for 4 –

Flatware – Oneida – $39.95 service for 4

Wine Glasses – Target – $19.99 set of 12

Objects of Desire:

Tablecloth – Design Public – $45.00

Napkins – CB2 – $4.95 each

Flowers – 1800flowers – $49.99

Season 1: Episode 25 – The Ideal Wife

3 Nov

Screen shot 2010-11-03 at 7.07.50 AM


Donna is dressed up and hosting a dinner party for two of Alex’s colleagues and their wives. The settle down to eat and everyone praises Donna on the food and the decor. The other ladies begin complaining that they are always interrupted during dinner by their husbands’ patients. They talk about how angry they get. Alex remarks that Donna always handles interruptions gracefully. The others all praise her cool and calm.

The phone rings and Alex is called away. Donna sees him off and he tells her how sweet she is. She returns to her guests who continue to lavish compliments upon her. Alex returns. The others tell him how wonderful Donna has been. However, some of the compliments, like telling Donna she looks good no matter how many times she wears the same dress, seem laced with arsenic.

After dinner Donna tells Alex she is tired of being called sweet. He promises never to use the word again.

The next morning Donna goes to Mary’s room. Clothes are strewn everywhere and Mary lets Donna know that she needs a new cardigan. Donna tells her to clean her room and Mary says she’ll do it later. Then Mary tells Donna she is the best mother and so much nicer and sweeter than the others. Donna leaves, the room stays a mess.

Downstairs Jeff asks Donna for money. Donna reminds him he owes her money and has not completed his chores. Jeff tells Donna how much better she is than his friends’ mothers. He tells he about a necklace he wants to by for her. Donna tells him not to waste his money on something like that and lends him the money he wanted.

Donna realizes she has been had by her children.

She goes in to see Alex and he tells her they have been invited to a gathering at a senior doctor’s on Tuesday. She reminds him they have theater tickets that night. He reminds her of how important his job is and she relents.

Max, the laundryman, comes by with the cleaning. He helps himself to a cold drink and chats with Donna. He compliments her and tells her she’s his favorite customer. She sees that he forgot her gray dress, she had hoped to wear it that night. He tells her how hard it would be to go get it. She tells him not to bother. On his way out he thanks her for being so sweet. She snaps and follows him outside. She yells and tells him she needs the dress today.

She goes to Mary and tells her to clean her room immediately. She yells and tells her she will not have any new clothes. She yells at Jeff and tells him to do is chores and repay her the money she gave him. She tells Alex she wants to go to the play, not the dinner.

The kids go to Alex to see what is wrong with Donna. He tells them to be patient.

The next morning Mary is cleaning her room. Donna asks her about her plans and she reports she intends to stay home and clean the blinds. Jeff is doing yard work and asks Donna if he should paint the gate. Alex tells Donna he cancelled dinner and they are going to the play. Everyone is doing what she asked, but the warmth and easiness are gone

Max comes by with the cleaning and is very formal and polite. Donna apologizes and they talk. He tells her that you can’t be something you are not.

She buys Mary a cardigan, puts Jeff’s money back in his piggy-bank, and makes Alex’s favorite dinner. She tells Alex they will go to the dinner. He tells her no, they will go to the play. He doesn’t want anyone thinking she’s sweet. She tells him, “What’s wrong with being sweet?” They embrace.


Season 1: Episode 24 – Boys Will Be Boys

26 Oct

Screen shot 2010-10-26 at 11.24.56 AM

I am giving you the synopsis, lesson, and then going off an a tangent about Halloween. It’s that time of year, it’s my blog, and I am just crazy like that.


The episode opens in the office of  The Penfield Academy for Boys. David is there with The Major. The Major is calling Donna. David has been bit by a dog and their normal doctor is away. The Major arranges to have David brought in to see Alex. While The Major is on the phone, another boy can be seen silencing David. As the they are leaving, the boy threatens David not to squeal.

David and the Major arrive at Alex’s office. Alex examines the boy and prepares to give him a tetanus shot. David is terrified of the shot. To calm him down, Jeff tells him he can spend the weekend and go to a ball game if he allows Alex to give him the shot. David receives the shot.

Donna and Alex review their plans and remember they have to go to a dinner. They reluctantly agree to leave Jeff and David home alone. They leave them strict instructions to go to bed at 9:00. When they leave the boys are contentedly watching a western on TV.

A commercial comes on for a candy bar and that makes the boys hungry. They go into the kitchen and find a cake Donna made that is supposed to last the entire weekend, They bring the cake into the living room with them. The show ends and it’s bedtime. They decide to check out the first few moments of the next show, a gritty crime drama. They are soon sucked into the program as they continue to nibble cake. The show portrays gangster types who are leaning on an informant. He finally squeals and they let him go. Upon leaving the apartment he is gunned down by those he ratted on.

The boys hear Donna and Alex approaching. They turn of the TV and run upstairs. Donna and Alex enter and they note the nearly decimated cake and still-warm TV. They go up and check on the boys who are pretending to be fast asleep. They exit and Jeff tells David that he better not squeal.

David has a nightmare that replays the TV program except now the informant, Donna and Alex are pressing him for information, and he is gunned down by Jeff and the boy from school. He awakes to David’s alarm clock. Jeff gives him another remind to keep his mouth shut. The boys decide t go score some points by making breakfast. On their way downstairs they are intercepted by Donna. She asks if they’ve brushed their teeth. David says he doesn’t have a toothbrush and Donna detains him to find him one. Jeff goes downstairs alone.

David is moved by how sweet Donna and Alex are to him. He asks them which is worse, squealing or lying? Donna, unable to give a better answer, tells him to do what his conscience tells him.

Donna and Alex meet Jeff downstairs. They know the breakfast is a cover-up. Mary comes in and asks what is wrong with David. He is sitting alone ask his conscience what to do. Jeff, now on the spot, confesses everything. David comes in and claims responsibility for both the previous night and putting ants into The Major’s bed at school.

Donna and Alex thank the boys for coming clean and allow them to go to the ballgame.


Donna Reed Style Note –The Report Card

25 Oct


Donna began this episode in the kitchen. Flitting back and forth between counter and stove. I must say, the layout of her kitchen leaves a lot to be desired by today’s standards, but it is super cozy. I have always been a sucker for the cheery pops of color you find in a traditional 1950s kitchen.

I dream kitchens. It is truly the space I spend the most time in. Currently, I have a perfectly adequate kitchen, but its a rental and I can’t do much to it and its driving me a little crazy.

To quench my thirst for kitchen remodeling. I’ll give you this, my modernized take on a Donna-era kitchen.

Shown Here:

Season 1: Episode 23 – The Report Card

24 Oct

Screen shot 2010-10-24 at 1.15.11 PM


Episode opens with Donna in the kitchen. She is cooking dinner. Jeff comes home from school and sits down at the table. They chat and then he gives Donna his report card. He seems happy with it; he received all Cs. Donna is clearly unhappy.

Donna goes in to see Alex. She is all worked up because of Jeff’s grades. She tells Alex who is much less concerned. Donna feels that Cs are average and that Jeff is not average. She blames the teacher for not realizing his potential, she blames the school and the community. She wants to run out and talk to the teacher but Alex calms her down.

Jeff comes in and they ask him about his grades. He says he is happy to be average.

As Jeff and Donna leave Alex’s office they run into Jeff’s friend, Phil, and his mother who are here for Phil’s check-up. Donna and the mother wait outside and chat. They talk about school. Phil has straight As and the mother is very hard on him. Donna clearly feels like Jeff is not performing up to the standard she would like.

It is parent night at the school. All the parents are looking at the student work on the walls. There seems to be a lot of competition among the parents as to their child’s success. The teacher is quite gracious as the various parents come up and give her advice on how to better teach their child. Donna overhears Phil’s mother taking about the rich, intellectual environment that they try to provide for their son.

Donna has her time with the teacher and asks her about Jeff’s grades. The teacher reports that Jeff is intelligent and a natural leader. He can do great things when he is interested in something; he is not interested in schoolwork.

Donna and Alex have a talk with Jeff about trying harder in school. He is grounded and cannot go a friend’s house until he brings up his grades. Jeff, ever resourceful, arranges to have all his friends come to him.

Donna decides that they need to create a more stimulating environment for Jeff at home. Over dinner they try to have a conversation about the Middle East peace talks. The conversation falls flat. Phil comes by to work on homework with Jeff and joins the Stones for dessert. Then there is commotion outside, all his other buddies have pushed an old car they’ve been working on to Jeff’s house so they can continue their work. Donna realizes that Jeff has found a loophole in his punishment.

Outside, the other boys are harassing Phil because they think he is a geek. They tell him he can’t work on the car with them. Jeff stands up for him and the boys decide to include him. Donna overhears this interaction and she is impressed by how kind her son is and his ability to lead the other boys.

That night Donna visits Jeff as he is upstairs studying. She tells him she is proud of him but asks him to try harder at school. After some bartering, he promises to do so.


Season 1: Episode 22 – Love Thy Neighbor

20 Oct

Screen shot 2010-10-20 at 9.40.40 AM


Donna and Alex are getting ready to go out for the evening. Donna, of course, looks stunning in a printed cocktail dress. She asks Alex how she looks and he tells her she looks good without even looking. She calls him on this. They discuss the evening ahead of them. They have been invited to dinner at the Wilgus house to help the couple celebrate their 20th anniversary. It seems that Mr. and Mrs. Wilgus consider the be the Stones to be their closest friends.

At the Wilgus house there is a squabble occuring. Mrs. Wilgus feels that Mr. Wilgus’s secretary was being rude to her and she wants Mr. Wilgus to fire her immediately. Mr. Wilgus does not want to fire her. Mrs. Wilgus is jealous of the secretary and feels that the woman has designs on her husband. The Stones arrive and the argument is paused for the time being.

The two couples have a lovely dinner and then retire to the living room for coffee. They begin to discuss the present that Mr. Wigus is having delivered for his wife. He is very excited about it and feels that it is the perfect token of his love. The couples decide to play a game of bridge. Over cards, the tension between Mr. and Mrs. Wilgus resurfaces. The doorbell rings and it is the delivery man with Mr. Wilgus’s present to his wife. She excited tears open the box to reveal a magnificent, sparkling meat-slicer. Her face registers extreme disappointment, Donna’s shows shock, and Alex’s amusement. Mr. Wilgus is oblivious to the reactions. He waxes on about how this will protect his wife’s delicate hands from the perils of slicing meat by hand. He goes to get some baloney out of the kitchen so that they can try the machine. Mrs. Wigus dissolves into tears and leaves the room. Donna follows to help calm her down. Alex stays to watch Mr. Wilgus use the slicer. Once Mrs. Wilgus regains her composure she and Donna return. The night quickly winds down.

Back at the Stone residence Donna and Alex discuss the evening as they prepare for bed. Donna has Alex promise to never buy her a meat slicer. The doorbell rings and Mrs. Wilgus is at the door in hysterics. She comes in and pours out her feelings of jealousy towards Mr. Wilgus’s secretary. She is convinced that this woman is trying to steal her husband. She makes Donna promise to go check out the secretary and see if anything is amiss.

The next day Donna goes to Mr. WIlgus’s office. They have made lunch plans. Donna questions the secretary who is very prim and proper. She does not seem to be one who would be carried away on a wave of passion. Donna is satisfied.

She and Mr. Wilgus head to lunch and he asks her why she wanted to see him. Donna tries to be subtle about her concerns about his secretary, but she is so subtle that it sounds like she is confessing her own feelings for Mr. Wilgus. He tells her there is no other woman for him but his wife. Lunch ends.

Mr. Wilgus shows up at Alex’s office to get Donna’s “confession” off his chest. He tells Alex that he and Donna had lunch and is shocked to discover that Alex knows all about it. He finally directly states that Donna is in love him and Alex bursts out laughing. Before the matter can be cleared up they are interrupted by Donna and Mrs. Wilgus. Mrs. Wilgus’s fears have been cast aside and she embraces her husband. They leave and Alex teases Donna about the woman who was in love with with Mr. Wilgus. He says he can’t tell her who this woman is but there was one; Alex says he is sworn to secrecy.

A few days later the Stone and Wilgus couples gather for cards. As they play Mr. Wilgus confesses that he believed Donna was in love with him. She is shocked and Alex has a hardy laugh.


Wow, am I glad I ran across this site! I have been an avid Donna Reed Show fan for YEARS

19 Oct

Wow, am I glad I ran across this site! I have been an avid Donna Reed Show fan for YEARS

Donna Reed Style Note – Donna Plays Cupid

19 Oct

dining room - romantic

I love a romantic dinner at home. Of course, going out to a nice restaurant is always a lovely treat, but, when it comes to pure romance, nothing can beat a gourmet feast prepared and consumed in the comfort of your own home.

Donna created a lovely romantic dinner to enhance her matchmaking escapades. However, the evening ended with she and Alex dining alone. A perfect ending if you ask me.

Here’s my take on the romantic dining table. Makes me wish that I actually had a dining room.

Shown Here:

  • Rug – Angela Adams – $3,500
  • Table – Crate and Barrel – $799.00
  • Chair – Design Within Reach – $298.00
  • Chandelier – – $869.00
  • Tablecloth – Anthropologie – $48.00
  • Water Goblet – Target – $39.99 (set of 6)
  • Wine Glass – Williams-Sonoma – $49.99 (set of 8 )
  • Candleholders – Jonathan Adler – $48.00
  • Tapers – – $12.99 (set of 12)
  • Plates – Macy’s – $14.00 – $215.00
  • Flatware – – $420.00 (setting for 4)
  • Flowers – Rossi & Rovetti Flowers – $88.96
  • Napkin – Crate and Barrel – $4.95