Becoming Donna Reed

Lessons on life and love from the 20th century’s greatest domestic goddess

Donna Reed Style Note – Have Fun

Mary changed twice for her date. I actually liked the first dress, the one she discarded best. Of course, I am a sucker for a fitted bodice and a full skirt. While I would certainly wear this dress as is I realize it’s not necessarily the most fashion forward. Here’s an idea for a more […]

Season 1: Episode 20 – Have Fun

| Our worst reviews are always written by ourselves.

Donna Reed Style Note – Jeff vs. Mary

It is a gorgeous day in San Francisco and I find myself wishing I had a private space to sit and sip an iced tea in, like the Stone’s backyard. My fantasy outdoor space would look like this: Shown here: Sofa – Metro Retro Furniture – $1500 Chairs – CB2 – $149 each Table – […]

Season 1: Episode 19 – Jeff vs. Mary

Sometimes people in our lives need to be served an extra helping of love.

Donna Reed Style Note – It’s The Principal Of The Thing

Before I began watching the Donna Reed Show for this blog I had this notion that  Donna always cleaned her home dressed to the nines. I am both relieved and disappointed to discover this is not true. I am not sure where that idea came from, but I know it is one shared by many. […]

Season 1: Episode 18 – It’s The Principle Of The Thing

| Principles are good to have, but they can leave you hungry.

Donna Reed Style Note – Nothing But The Truth

Donna, being the ultimate domestic goddess, was able to throw together a fabulous birthday party for David at the drop of a hat. For most of us such an undertaking involves more planning. Of course, it helps if you stock some items that make spontaneous entertaining run a bit more smoothly. The birthday parties of […]

Season 1: Episode 17 – Nothing But The Truth

| Truth is like vodka. Sometimes it is best served straight up, sometimes on the rocks, and sometimes mixed with a whole lotta fruit juice.

Donna Reed Style Note – Jeff’s Double Life

When Donna and family sit down to breakfast or lunch in the kitchen it always looks so cozy. I’d love to sit down with them. This is the rare occasion where I wish we could see the Stone in family in color because I just bet that table is full of warm and welcoming hues. […]

Season 1: Episode 16 – Jeff’s Double Life

| Nosy neighbors be damned. In life, the only expectations you need to live up to are those you set for yourself.